Understanding Ideal Client Service from Your Outsourcing Experience in 2012

Customer support department is considered to be the back bone of any business since it is a bridge that connects the client with the company. It does not matter what kind of business you belong to, but running a quality customer service department is really important. Whenever you are working on a project, you need to see things from client’s perspective. Once you do, it will help you so much in understanding their mind set and re-shaping your support department accordingly. The main reason behind understanding your client’s mind is to improve your own services for the betterment of your business.

Changing perspectives is not always easy. You need to put yourself in client’s shoe and see the world from their end. The best way to do this is to outsource some of your work. This will bring you into client’s position and you can really learn a lot from outsourcing. If you like their services you can simply implement those in your own department and if something annoys you, you would surely know what to avoid in future in your own business’s support department.

Relationship between Outsourcing and Your Work

There are a lot of departments in a business which can be outsourced. You can either outsource an assistant which can help you with accounts, you can outsource a writer, a developer, designer and the list goes on. You can outsource almost any department and can treat it as a learning experience for your own business. You should outsource your work only if your current workflow allows you to do that. Outsourcing your work can change your perspective about clients a lot and this can help you in understanding your client in a better way which can result into a good relationship in future.

In this article we will be discussing a few lessons which can be learned from outsourcing any of your department. You can obviously pick the same or different things from your experience of outsourcing but make sure that they bring some positive changes in your business routine.

Looking for the Right Person can be a Big Challenge

Whenever people talk about design industry, everyone says that because of so many designers and design agencies available, new designers will have to face a lot of challenge. Now, think from a client’s perspective. When he is looking for a designer, he is looking for someone who is not only good at his work but is also reliable, good communicator, available and also offers a good pricing. If you want to outsource, how about outsourcing a project of yours and try finding a designer who fits perfectly in the circle of your demands. If you are having a hard time finding a perfect designer, just imagine how difficult it would be for a client to find you.

Outsourcing your project to a designer will help you in learning a lot of stuff. This entire procedure will help you in simplifying the procedure of finding you. When you will be outsourcing you will obviously look for someone who stands out of the crowd because of his positive traits. Once you find someone who is prominent in hundreds of choices you should find out why is he standing out from the crowd. It could be because of multiple reasons. Either you think his work is good enough or he could be very good with communication skills. If you have gone through his portfolio you might have found something you have been looking for. This can help you in realizing the fact that if you want clients to come to you, you need to stand out in the crowd.

Win the Trust

Finding a new designer every now and then for every new project is very difficult. It is indeed a lot of effort and you can trust everyone with your projects. If you are outsourcing your projects, you would definitely prefer someone with whom you have already worked with and you were satisfied with the results of the project as well.

This can be another great lesson for you. If you want to get more projects from the same client, you need to develop a healthy relationship with the client. Your clients should be able to trust you with their work. Provide them with best services, great customer support and you can expect some great projects from the same client in the future. This can also bring in a lot of referral projects for you. So, keep in mind that you need to develop a healthy relationship with your client so that he can rely on you for his future projects.

Importance of Communication

Communication is important for every business and same goes for designers as well. Having good communication skills is necessary for you especially if you are a freelancer. Once you will be outsourcing a project, you will understand how important it is for client to stay informed about the project. You might get to work with designers who are constantly in touch with you and you might end up with designers who do not even bother updating you about the current status of the project.

This should be taken as a lesson as well. When you are working for a client, always remember that you need to keep him updated otherwise he will think that nothing is being done. Outsourcing projects to different kinds of designers will teach you the importance of communication and it can help you a lot in the future.

Develop a Healthy Relationship

Each designer that you are going to work with will be different and will lead to different kind of experiences. Obviously, a relationship is developed over the time period but it proves to be really beneficial for both designer and client. Designers, with whom you will work again and again, will end up developing a healthy relationship with you of trust. This trust can bring the element of relaxation in the project and the client does not need to keep a check on designer and designer does not have to update every now and then.

This teaches you that you should always try to maintain a good relationship with your clients so that working together becomes easier and less nerve-racking.

Be Clear and Precise

While taking on a project or outsourcing a project, clarity is very important. As a client or as a designer, you will have a lot of questions in your mind which needs clarification. As a client you would want to know from the designer his charges, project completion date etc. Vague proposals can be very annoying at times as they do not answer your questions. Clarity in things will help the client in making decision without any confusion. This can teach you a lot when making proposals for the client. You should be very clear, direct and precise in your communication so that client knows exactly what he would be getting if the project is given to you.


At times, it is good to learn from our own experiences. Outsourcing anything will help you in becoming a good designer and entertain clients in a better way. You will definitely get  a lot more projects because you won’t be doing anything wrong.



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