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Pinterest has rapidly outpaced a number of other social media sites. Despite being fairly young, it is now one of the top ten most popular social media sites available. For an eCommerce store, this particular brand of social media marketing is a dream come true. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, the Pinterest users come to Pinterest with the purpose to find things to buy. This makes it so much easier to develop a marketing strategy, but you still need to be precise and focused or your endeavors will fail.

Find Some Way to Set Your Business Apart on Pinterest

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Pinterest now has millions of active members. Many of these members are other businesses and eCommerce stores who want to get their products out there and promoted. Pinterest receives millions of new posts or repins each day. This means that you need to make sure that you find a way to make your business stand out. Otherwise, you’re going to blend into the background with all of the other businesses. You may have fantastic responsive website templates and some of the greatest deals around, but you just won’t be heard over the chaos.

One of the simplest ways to stand out as a business is to make sure that you have a niche. The niche is your particular focus and target market. You should tailor your products and your boards to them. Once you do this, they are going to be more likely to pay attention to your boards once they come across them.

Give Something for Nothing

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According to “The Pinterest Business Strategy,” eCommerce stores that make at least 40 percent of their content inspirational or motivational are three times more likely to get their pins repinned. While most people come to Pinterest to find out what they should buy for a friend’s birthday or how to redecorate their living room, they will be drawn to things that make them feel better about themselves. Inspirational and motivational pictures have been growing in popularity over the past few months. Try to create beautifully looking pictures for these boards. You won’t be selling directly through those images, but once they save you to their favorites and start pinning the different items in your eCommerce store, they will start looking at the other products as well.

Don’t Forget SEO

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One of the biggest mistakes that a number of small businesses and eCommerce stores make is to assume that Pinterest does not require SEO strategies. After all, Pinterest made it clear that it uses an entirely different search algorithm from Google, and most of the site is based on pictures. However, SEO techniques still play a vital role because people use words to find the pictures they’re interested in. Additionally, Google searches through Pinterest, and Google has started turning up Pinterest pages as the number one ranked site on several occasions. So don’t think that you get a pass on SEO just because you are focusing on pictures.

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