What’s the Best Color for Your Site? Maybe Blue?

No doubt color plays an important role in what we think about this or that website, it’s a major part of the visual design. And it’s important to understand that the color scheme of the website should match the content and be appealing to site visitors. Naturally, site colors should be in harmony with each other, and in any case must not annoy visitors. Creating color harmony is one of the primary tasks of any designer. With properly chosen colors you can highlight the most important parts of the page: quotes, headings, bullets, links, lists, frames, navigation elements…Color plays a huge role in the design of not only graphical elements, but the text pages.

Some web designers have no idea how to match colors when creating a website. As a result, a lot of web resources are built with absolutely no taste and knowledge of color harmony. And there are still some sites where green font (or red, or orange) is on a black background!

Vaunted design studios have already forgotten about creative approach to their work. Virtually all of their portfolios are made in the same color tone, usually bluish or silvery gray. Of course, it’s more convenient to come with an effective and accurate color scheme once and then exploit it mercilessly. Something new here is completely useless! I am not saying that all studios are of that kind, and surely not willing to offend anyone, though there is a great number of such companies!

If design studios forget about color harmony, imagine what common user can create? Let’s leave their works without comments… However; I’ll give them a simple, but very practical advice: if you’re a professional, you can leave a white background, black text and blue links – it will be much better for you and your visitors. Colors always express mood. Therefore, it is not necessary to experiment with the color scheme if you have no experience and taste, just leave it neutral – let visitors stay calm but not angry with the green letters on a black background.

Still, let’s talk about one of the most favorite color schemes of all users – that’s the blue one. It’s also the most preferable for web designers. Blue is used to express sympathy; also it symbolizes clarity and accuracy. Throughout the world this color is “faithful” to promotional items and packaging. Combined with a warm shade, such as red or orange, blue creates modest background and becomes an eye-catching color that easily attracts attention.

blue in web design

Owners of websites that contain blue – as a rule, are people with lots of self-control, intelligence and sense of duty. If you are one of them, you can consider yourself a wise man and a person with lots of great qualities. To consolidate the knowledge about blue color schemes let’s have a look at a great infographic dedicated to this specific color.
It’s called Coolness of Blue in Web Design. This infographic is for everyone interested in psychology of colors and its influence on web design. When you start searching for the right color scheme for your site, browse this infographic for useful information about one of the most popular colors on the net. What will you discover from the above mentioned infographic? The sites that use blue as the primary color, the power of the color blue in branding, its shades, popular mixes with other colors, gender preferences, color meanings by culture – all this will help you make the right choice and start a cool, stylish, and attractive site.

25 Beautiful examples of Blue Websites


Carbonmade - blue website

blue coloe website designs

Jar Design

blue coloe website designs

Obama Biden

blue coloe website designs

Blitz Agency

blitzagency blue website


blue coloe website designs

Orion Advisor

blue coloe website designs

Deli Bar

blue coloe website designs


blue coloe website designs

Bounty Bev

blue coloe website designs

Eric Campbell / Est.86

blue coloe website designs


blue coloe website designs


blue coloe website designs

Les Arts O Soleil

blue coloe website designs

Frisk design

blue coloe website designs


blue color website designs


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