What’s the Best Color for Your Site? Maybe Blue?

No doubt color plays an important role in what we think about this or that website, it’s a major part of the visual design. And it’s important to understand that the color scheme of the website should match the content and be appealing to site visitors. Naturally, site colors should be in harmony with each other, and in any case must not annoy visitors. Creating color harmony is one of the primary tasks of any designer. With properly chosen colors you can highlight the most important parts of the page: quotes, headings, bullets, links, lists, frames, navigation elements…Color plays a huge role in the design of not only graphical elements, but the text pages.

Some web designers have no idea how to match colors when creating a website. As a result, a lot of web resources are built with absolutely no taste and knowledge of color harmony. And there are still some sites where green font (or red, or orange) is on a black background!

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