Who’s Behind It? The Unsung Heroes of Video Game Design

Building a video game from scratch might sound easy today with all the free (or paid) tools, assets, and snippets you can find online, yet to create something truly amazing, you don’t only need talent – you need a team of specialists working together like clockwork to ensure the superior quality of the end product. Gone are the day when a small team of designers and programmers – like id Software was back in the day – could build a revolutionary game like Doom. Today, we only know the name of the game’s publisher, eventually the name of the studio behind it – yet there are enough people and companies working in the background that we never hear about. Let’s see who the unsung heroes of video game design are today.


Blizzard’s Overwatch is among the most popular video games today. The game is the result of the collaboration of a series of designers, programmers, composers – and a company that you’ve never heard about, yet you have seen its handiwork in many popular video games (and beyond): Austrian group Rabcat.

Even though it has added its character, vehicle, environment, and weapon design expertise to many well-known video games, like Overwatch, Farming Simulator, Pay Pay 2, the Forza Horizon series, Split/Second or The Crew, its name is unknown to gamers. Its gambling department has a far better sounding name, though – those who routinely play slot machines at 7Sultans online casino will stumble upon at least a handful of their games. The titles added by Rabcat Gambling to the 7Sultans game library are appreciated for their quality graphics and entertaining gameplay, along with the amazing animations and character design. No wonder Rabcat games are among the most-played at the 7Sultans and beyond.


Have you ever heard of the Audio Guys? Well, you might have not – yet you surely know their handiwork. Among the services, the UK-based sound design company offers we can find the likes of bespoke recording, dialogue, localization, and background music production for video game projects. The company has collaborated on major projects like Call of Duty: Ghosts, several parts of the Forza Motorsport series, Split/Second, and a huge variety of desktop, mobile, and console games, a total of more than 150 titles.

User experience

UX (User eXperience) specialists have to know a bit of this and that, a bit of everything, and their job is among the toughest – they have to make sure the players experience the video games as their creators have intended. This covers everything from the font, color, and size of the menus to the sounds of the bombs about to explode. In short, they are the people who make sure a game is easy to understand, to navigate, to play. The job of UX specialists is tough but worthy – a bad user experience can ruin a game that would otherwise be great, and a good one can push even a mediocre title to the heights of success.

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