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A Complete Guide of Wireframing for Web Designers: Read It Mates!

Web wireframes are an interesting way to begin with web designing. You can plan designing wireframes starting with napkin and pen. You can create good wireframes by eliminating the visual elements. You can design a good functional website using wireframing. The basic sketches and wireframe are defined by different grids and blueprints. So, here is the complete guide of wireframing for web designers that will help them out in finding the best solution for creating a wireframe.

Things that you can include in a wireframe for webpage

wireframe for webpage

  • Simple layout structure
  • Text blocks
  • Calls to action
  • Placing headlines and sub titles
  • Primary graphical elements (like boxes etc)

Constructing a wireframe for web roughly

Constructing a wireframe for web

  • Construct a big rectangle that represents your full web page.
  • Sketch out the layout (either column-wise or row-wise)
  • Add-on the box to header graphics
  • Write headline at the place you want
  • Also write the sub-titles at your favorite position on the page.
  • Add boxes for images that you want to display
  • Add navigation to the page
  • Add other important elements of your choice

Once you are done with it, just show it to different people and wait for the feedback. There feedback can be important in adjusting your wireframe.

Why wireframing is essential?

Why wireframing is essential?

You should know about the important reasons that make wireframing essential. Wireframing is important for web designing because it focuses on following things.

Describe website functionality: The website functionality is generally decided in development phase, but you can brief out the basic functionality of a website, by designing the complete website design on paper roughly by wireframing.

Guidelines and rules of displaying information: These wireframes can be used to display a set of rules that might be considered while designing the website. These rules may relate to grids, spacing, padding etc.

On Hover effects: The variety of different effects on a website can be predicted on the basis of wireframe designed before.

Research: These wireframes are based on research and should be based on different factors like typography, colors, sizes, typefaces etc.

Wireframing with Client Work

Wireframing with Client Work

On several occasions you need to work for long period of times for a particular client because he/she is not satisfied by the design or any other aspect of the website you have designed for him/her. Designing a wireframe can help you out in getting out of such situations. Plan a meeting with your client. Design a wireframe according to your client’s need. After the client is satisfied with the wireframe, then you can proceed with your client’s work.

Different wireframing tools

wireframing tools

It is very easy to get learn wireframing and get started with it. One of the simplest ways to design a wireframe is with the help of pen or paper. But there are certain design tools too, to help you out in designing of a wireframe. Some of the wireframing softwares and tools are given below:

Behance’s Creative Outfitter

Behance Creative Outfitter

Behance had gained popularity among people in last few years. It is very popular user interface on web. It has decided to open its shop to help you out with sketches. The products of this shop will be pads, books, dotted sheets and other items used to design sketches. The pricing is also kept affordable starting from $6 with a maximum limit of $25.

UX Pin


It is one of greatest wireframing tools for the designers to create wireframes. UX Pin provides a great user interface providing a quality experience to the users. UX Pin can be used by both beginners and professionals.


omni graffle

This is a wireframing application for MAC users that helps them to create shapes, page layouts, charts, documents along with wireframes. This is a simple app with intuitive user interface. You can manage it easily. This app is available for free download.



It is another user friendly drawing tool available online that allows you to create number of diagrams, networks charts, wireframes etc. It comes with drag and drop feature. You can drag and drop anything to its interface. You can also Undo it unlimited times.



This is another web based application that allows easy creation of charts, plans, diagrams, technical drawings, wireframes and lot more stuff. It have its own library of images, backgrounds, logos etc.

Smart Draw


It is desktop based wireframing app and is the alternative of Omnigraffle. It can work on windows, unlike Omnigraffle. It is slightly non interactive user interface, if compared with other apps. But it lets you to create wireframe with simplicity.

Lovely Charts

lovely charts

It is an online drawing app that allows you to create charts, diagrams, sitemaps, Wireframes etc. this app can make pre assumptions based on its intelligence. It is a great tool provided with extensive library.



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