Women Grey Blue Hair Color Trends for all Season and all Ages

The First thing comes to my mind grey hairs no not a chance but contrary to this thing it is the haircolor trend which is taking all ages including teens by Storm and looks every one has got now Grey Hairs. In Past As Mentioned The biggest problem for women was grey hairs and they were trying to hide them by different uni colors etc which was only thing in past to greyy strands. Regular touch ups and harsh chemicals sooner or later will damage hair and make it frizzy. So which is the best way to get flawless look? Stop fighting against grey hair! Get a new look as showcased Grey Hairstyle trends to follow in 2016.


Grey hair is the new blonde Chic Style. This hair color and hairstyle trends include numerous fantastic grey hairstyles that look even more eye catching than blonde or any other innovative color. If you just check out newest looks from Celebville or catwalk you will find numerous inspirational images.


The Grey Hair Trend silver locks have seemed to make a place of its own in the fashion world and all age women look sexy with it. It’s a bold hair statement and it actually looks awesome (and strange) in every type of style. Whether you have natural slate strands or stripped down to a faux foggy shade, this is the time to embrace the color fade.


What’s the difference between grey and gray? Grey is closer to a hue of silver, white gray is but in between black and white, having a sliding scale of values. Still don’t understand nevermind ask your stylist 😉 For many, this look has existed in its blonder form, as platinum blonde. Now, we need to go just a little darker and remove any hint of blonde that might alter the hue we wish to achieve. just Ask.


Carlina Ortega, Hair Stylish & Colorist at Rita Hazan explains how you can achieve this look if you are already don’t have a natural grey hair. “Unless you’re already a natural ashy blonde, the trick is to lighten the hair to that perfect yellow stage, so that it will be light enough to get that gray tone you want without causing any damage.”


Something liberating about letting your hair go grey instead of being a slave to salon appointments and root touch-ups. Don’t be Lazy I am sure this transformation can change your life…

Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga and Dascha Polanco have already been showing off their gorgeous style in grey or gray. Also we’ve seen celebrities like Rihanna and Zosia Mamet rocking the dusty hue on the red carpet, but more importantly, the anti-hair-color trend has hit our Instagram feeds.


It is the hair color that has influenced the world lately but orginated from a animated movie Frozen, Strange Fact but It is true lights sidereal that are deposited on snow-covered landscapes, creating a chromatic scenic color.


Highlighting Grey Color with other color trend originated in Paris, where gradually the grey color blue has established itself as a glamorous trend also able to go beyond national boundaries taking place throughout Europe, reaching between the color mode in which the most original show off a look of great visual impact.


This shade can be chosen either by younger women that those more mature, especially by those who have a natural grey base that is then ready to accept the blue hues can deploy strategically across for a merger between the two colors.


Starting with the color combination of gray and blue hues can create nuances dominated by striking contrasts degrade starting with the gray shading in the area of the tips in a blue, to get a particularly glossy effect would be appropriate from a bright silver base rather tending towards White, you can then opt for a gray ash, a multi-faceted silver or gray for darker blacks with reflections.


Thanks to the loving hands of a hairdresser by profession you can get a perfect gray-blue hair since it is a dual resulting color proceeding by step: first you need to bleach their hair and then you can proceed with the ‘application of a product from’ effect rifles ante be distributed on some areas and strands so to get a hair femme fatale projected into reality from the world of fairy tales.

Grey Hairstyle trends to follow in 2016

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