Writing an Effective AdWords Listing

Writing an Effective AdWords Listing

Steadily advancing in sophistication, Google’s AdWords now offer the capability of writing a single ad and having it automatically adapt itself for mobile or desktop viewing.

The AdWords IF functions allow text ads to be tailored for the environment in which they’re displayed as well as the individual audiences for which they are intended.

With this development, writing an effective AdWords listing has become somewhat simpler.

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Here’s what you need to know to get it done.

Identify Your Target Audience

If your business is at the point at which you’re considering running a pay-per click (PPC) campaign, you’ve probably done your research to figure out to whom your product or service appeals and why.

If you haven’t, this is a really good time to do so. The tone and tenor of your ad, as well as the offer you present, will vary significantly depending upon your audience.

To reach them, you’ll need to get a handle on who they are, when they’re likely to be searching for your terms, where they are and what words they will be most likely to employ when searching for your offerings.

If you have multiple audiences, the IF Function will also allow you to create one ad and shape its message to appeal to each of them.

Define Your Unique Selling Position

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Along with categorizing your audience comes taking note of their “pain points” as they relate to your business. In other words, what is the problem they have you can solve?

Once you’ve answered this question, you’ll need to figure out how to present your offering to them in a distinct way.

This is known as your unique selling position, which will ultimately guide the nature of all your advertising—just as it should have done your ecommerce theme when you established your site.

Craft the Elements of Your Listing

Every AdWords listing is comprised of a headline, a display URL, a description and “path” text.

In most cases, users will only read the headline and click if it seems relevant to what they’re looking for. For this reason, specific care must be given to its composition.

Keep in mind, you’ll pay every time somebody clicks on the ad, so you need the headline to attract people you want, while dissuading those who won’t buy from you.

Therefore, it should be as specific as possible. Ideally, your headline should include your targeted keywords, a call to action and an indication of your unique selling position.

Your display URL is a shortened version of the web address to which the user will be taken when they click on the ad.

This can be customized to reflect the specific product being advertised, which helps to reinforce the promise of the ad in the mind of the searcher. Let’s say you repair Porsches.

Your display URL could be If yours is a service-oriented business, it’s also a good idea to include your phone number on the URL line, to give you an opportunity to talk people into coming to see your business.

  • Description

The description, while often ignored by users, should be given attention nonetheless. This is where you’ll reinforce your USP and offer an incentive to contact you for more information.

It’s also another opportunity to employ one of the keywords you purchased to demonstrate the relevance of your ad to the potential customer as well as incorporate an additional call to action.

If you have different offerings, you can provide links to additional landing pages specific to those offerings. Using our Porsche repair example, you could tout service specials, online appointment scheduling and directions to your location.

An Example of a Good Ad

150512_Ads_AP01-01-700x394 Writing an Effective AdWords Listing

With these thoughts in mind, a good Porsche repair AdWords listing would look something like this:

Affordable Porsche Repairs – Get Expert Service Today (123) 456-7890

Honest Service, Reasonable Prices, All Work Guaranteed

Ask About Our Routine Maintenance Discounts – Call Now.

Service Specials – Schedule an Appointment – Directions

One Final Thought

A key part of writing an effective AdWords listing is ensuring it is linked to a landing page offering the specific information promised by the ad and each item in the path text.

If your link makes people look around to find what they came for, they’ll leave, and you will pay for the privilege of having them do so. Remember, you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Make sure it communicates clearly and takes people exactly where you need them to go.

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